Café Essentials Mochas

Café Essentials Mochas have a nice, strong “from nature” taste profile. Our products exhibit a full, rich milk based taste profile made with water. When you make our mochas with milk, they are ultra-decadent and even more ice creamy. Considerably less in fat that the competitioin, we represent the “better for you” indulgent treat. Enjoy!


Intense mega-Ghirardelli cocoa, with strong coffee in a creamy base, gives your customers a big flavor impact.


As the names says, this is a tasty milk chocolate style frappé. Reminiscent of rich chocolate milk, but better. Use as a base to add chocolate, espresso, coffee, or as a tasty milk chocolate mocha. This versatile blend is sure to satisfy. Almost zero coffee in this blend, so it is kid-friendly.


Ghirardelli cocoa and Colombian Coffee combines with rich & creamy dairy notes for a unique, well-rounded taste sensation. Creamy dairy, light cocoa caramel notes with coffee background. Very unique.