100% Crushed Fruit

100% Crushed Fruit

Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Smoothies

The name says it all. This is 100% fruit and tastes out of this world. Simply put, this is the only Ultra-Premium smoothie mix on the market. We use the finest fully ripened fruit & veggies in our dedicated custom-built factory to achieve the fresh-picked taste you love. If you are a fruit or vegetable expert, health conscious or truly just want to provide your customers wiht the hands-down healthiest, best-tasting smoothie in the world....It's 100% Crushed.

With FIVE servings of fruit & vegetables in every 20oz smoothie, 100% Crushed delivers a cost-effective method of getting your daily fruit and vegetable servings. Compare the cost of our 100% Crushed fruit servings against the typical competitors' 1.5 servings or less. You will quickly see that 100% Crushed is an extremely good value. 
100% Strawberry

100% Crushed is Concentrated so you do not pay for shipping water, yet you are still able to use this product as a pour-over type smoothie mix. 

All 100% Crushed smoothies are ...

100% fruit NO artificial flavors
Shelf Stable NO artificial colors
Vegan NO artificial sweeteners
Gluten Free NO dairy & NO lactose
Fruit!! Not Sugar NO preservatives
  NO fat

The USDA and National Cancer Institute's "Five a Day" program encourages better health by consuming 5 servings of fruit a day. 

Get your "Five a Day" the tasty way, with Dr. Smoothie's 100% Crushed.

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Dr Smoothie Crushed

Available 100% Crushed Flavors

100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Mango and squash are perfectly matched with 7 veggies including carrots and greens in a taste sensation that keeps customers asking for more. The taste moves back and forth between the mango and the squash, with hints of veggies popping through. Veggies never tasted better.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


An enticingly complex assortment from the garden with a pop of orange to start. The more you drink, the more the carrot becomes evident, then some celery with 10 fruits and veggies jumping from one taste to the next, and back to orange. Simply superb.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Imagine biting into the best red apple you have ever tasted...then multiply it by three and you have the Northwest Red Apple Orchard Smoothie by Dr. Smoothie. Fresh and vibrant with red apple skin tones and a fully ripe juicy flesh taste that pops and sticks with you. This very unique taste treat is NOT green and it is NOT sour, it simply has the WOW factor not seen in any apple smoothie. Enjoy the best of Washington State with Dr. Smoothie's Northwest Red Apple Orchard Smoothie.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


No candy banana or chemical taste here. This blend is all about true banana with creamy notes, vanilla and a hint of just enough honey in the background. Specially created for our Australian customers since its their favorite treat, get a little taste of down under, here in America.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Nothing quenches hot, summertime thirst better than sweet and tangy Dr. Smoothie’s Lemon-ADE. Fresh California lemons are squeezed to create an extremely refreshing blend to cool the fire, and tantalize your taste buds. Full of pulp and zesty lemon peel if you’re a lemon lover you’ll think you’re in heaven! Try Dr. Smoothie Lemon-ADE as a blend-in ingredient and combine with other Dr. Smoothie flavors for other-worldly flavors like mango-Lemon-ADE, and fourberry Lemon-ADE!


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


 Discover an un-charted world of flavor and desire with Dr. Smoothie’s Forbidden Fruit. This complex and satisfying blend of Hawaiian pink guava, Ecuadorian Passion Fruit and White Guava from India, mingled with a splash of orange juice, will spark your patrons’ passions!


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


We’re giving you the strawberry, the whole strawberry, and nothing but the strawberry! Please the palate with Dr. Smoothie Strawberry Smoothie mix. Made from crushed California grown Strawberries for perfect rich, ripe strawberry flavor.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


The perfect blend of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry creates a lasting flavor experience your patrons will come back for! The brighter raspberry blends well with the darker berries for that multi-berry experience you are looking for. It’s all about berries with this flavor.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Sun and sea drenched flavor, blended to perfection! Mango Tropics combines mango, banana and pineapple into a summer-holiday experience any time of year. This multi-national combination uses four varieties of mango from around the world that just plain knocks your socks off!!


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


We’ve captured the bouquet and taste sensation of a fresh peach. This wonderful blend begins with a splash of peach, then hints of apricot ... and finishes with a light & clean pear taste. A perfect taste balance. Unusually awesome!


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


The dynamic balance of pineapple, creamy coconut and a hint of banana are perfectly blended to make this tropical taste sensation. The coconut is not overpowering as with some drinks. This outstanding blend is super creamy and a sure-fire winner for any smoothie menu!


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Capture the sweetness and creamy mouth-feel of banana with the tart and tangy flavor of fresh strawberries with Dr. Smoothie’s Strawberry Banana.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


This smoothie creates a citrus explosion that is sure to captivate your taste buds.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Experience the rich fruit flavor of the Pacific Northwest with our Northwest Berry. Made from rich, dark and flavorful boysenberries and blackberries, this very serious dark berry blend has an extremely unique and satisfying flavor you will not forget.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Take a walk on the wild side with Dr. Smoothie’s Wild Cherry Cranberry! Red sour cherry, pineapple, dark sweet cherry, and cranberry blend to create a flavor sensation.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Enjoy Dr. Smoothie’s Blueberry Banana. Made with grade A ready to eat ripe blueberries crushed and mixed with vine ripened bananas to create an extra healthy, antioxidant (and phyto-nutrient rich) smoothie.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


Acai (ah-sigh-EE) - Dr. Smoothie’s Acai Plus is 100% pure fruit and juice and contains a combination of Acai, Blackberry, Pomegranate and Blueberry. Acai Plus is a super-antioxidant blend that is high in protein, fiber, and Omegas 6 & 9.


100% Crushed™ Fruits Smoothies


A refreshing lime smoothie without all the acidity & bitterness normally associated with citrus beverages. Also known as our "Cool Lime" Smoothie, it is known for it's crisp, cool and refreshing taste that will "electrify" your taste buds.