Brew Coffee By the Pot

 by the pot

Brewing “by the pot”

Good As Gold Coffee understands that not all businesses are alike or have the same service requirements.  That is why we offer many programs that are flexible to meet your specific needs.  Brewing coffee “by the pot” is a time-tested method for brewing coffee in the office.  At coffee break time, or when you have meetings, a freshly brewed pot of coffee is always appreciated. It affords you an excellent cup of coffee for a low cost. Our coffee makers allow you to choose a variety of freshly roasted and ground pre-measured packs of Good As Gold Coffee. You can brew flavored coffees by the pot or pour one cup and flavor it individually. These are the same coffees that we distribute to the best restaurants in the area.  Also, a pot of coffee doesn’t necessarily mean a glass pot of coffee either.  Although glass pots are the most prevalent, you can brew into airpots (pump style dispensers), gravity dispensers, thermal carafes and even unbreakable pots.  Let Good As Gold assist you in choosing the right coffee machine for your business. 

If you are in our service area, we encourage you to contact us and set up a FREE 3-DAY TRIAL without any obligation. 

Freshly Roasted Good As Gold Pre-measured Coffees

Good As Gold 100% Colombian

100% Colombian Excelso

We only use the finest 100% Colombian Excelso Beans by the temperate mountains of the Andes. Each bean is masterfully roasted leaving the palate with a sweet and nutty flavor. This is tryuly one of the great coffees of the world; a coffee that gives the perfect balance of aroma, body and flavor. (Also available naturally decaffeinated)

Good As Gold Donut Shop

Donut Shop Blend

Donut shop blend is a unique mix of 100% Arabica beans delivering a smooth, delicious flavor. This blend is very similar to the original blends fround in some of the best donut shops. 

Good As Gold Vienna Roast

Vienna Dark Roast

A darker roast using premium 100% Arabica beans. The roast produces a strong and bold taste, yet it keeps a very nice smooth finish without the burnt after taste. We recommend this to anyone who likes a stronger coffee without the burnt and smokey taste of a very dark roast. (Also available naturally decaffeinated)

Good As Gold Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend

A smooth and mild blend made highest quality South and Central American beans. This blend is light to medium bodied and roasted to a full city roast. This is the perfect wake-me-up cup of coffee.

Sumatra Dark Roast

Sumatra Dark Roast

Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Our Sumatra Mandheling coffee resonates a relaxed power. Full-bodied, bold and deep with flavor yet low in acidity providing it with and elegantly smooth finish.