Frothing Systems


Let There Be Froth! 

frothy cappuccinoProbably the most important support ingredient in the preparation of a cappuccino or latte is hot milk froth. Unfortunately, small espresso machines produce less steam then larger more expensive models. If you are making a limited amount of froth-based beverages, the steam wand on the Lavazza Espresso Point machine may work fine for you. However, there is an easy and cost-effective way to produce a large amount of barista-quality froth and that is with the Froth Au Lait Professional milk frothing pitcher. The combination of the Lavazza Matinee Espresso Machine with this frother makes great coffee-house beverages quickly, easily and affordably. It requires very little space yet can impact your bottom line in a big way!


Froth Au Lait I Froth Au LAit II Best Froth

Coming Soon!

 Good As Gold Coffee is presently working on alternative methods for creating high-quality froth for your coffee-house beverages. Please check back with us.