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Single Serve Pods

The concept of brewing freshly roasted and ground coffee by-the-cup (single-cup, single-serve) using the drip method is a popular way of making coffee.  Recognizing the need for convenience, choice and ease of use, many manufacturers have entered the single-serve arena with their own proprietary equipment, packaging and product selection.  Good As Gold Coffee will be able to help food establishments serve their patrons specialty coffees without brewing a whole pot.  Just as there are dessert menus, you will be able to offer a coffee menu to your customers. We can also assist you in pairing our coffees with your desserts.

Let Single Serve Pods Enhance Your Dessert And Coffee Business!


  1. Our pods make a really good cup of coffee. 
  2. You can offer your customers an extensive coffee menu.
  3. No Waste. You don't have to brew a whole pot for one cup.
  4. Get a higher price for rare coffees. (Example, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain)
  5. Our pods are individually packed in stay-fresh pouches for a consistent brew
  6. We have equipment that will also brew espresso shots.

Current Selection of our freshly roasted and packed Good As Gold Coffee Pods

Colombian Pod Donut Shop Pods Kona Blend Pods
           100% Colombian                 Donut Shop Blend Kona Blend             

Vienna Roast Pods Sumatra Pods Good As Gold Dark Roast
Vienna Roast (Med / Dark)           Sumatra Dark Roast  Good As Gold Dark 

Decaf House Blend French Vanilla Hazelnut
Decaf House Blend                     French Vanilla  Hazelnut       

Good As Gold Coffee is proud to be an official Distributor of Marley Coffee.

 Dan and Mike finalizing a deal with Rohan Marley

Rohan Marley

Bob Marley always said he would return to farming one day. With Marley Coffee, Bob's son Rohan fulfills the dream. Rohan remembers his grandmother drying their wild coffee berries in the sun, then hulling and roasting them for her own cup of coffee each morning. Marley Coffee is determined to deliver that same intoxicating aroma and rich smooth flavor into every cup.

Marley Coffee is an international gourmet coffee company founded by Rohan Marley and his friend Shane Whittle, sourcing beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central America and Jamaica.

The beans from Jamaica are from a 52-acre private estate sits atop the Blue Mountains in Chepstowe, Portland, Jamaica, long revered as the region with the world's most desirable coffee beans. From the Marley's Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee farm, to partner farms in Africa, Central America and other top coffee-growing regions worldwide, Marley Coffee strives to support communities and the environment through organic, sustainable and ethical practices.


Available Marley Pods

Jamaican Blue Mountain One Love Kingston City Roast
100% Jamaican Blue Mountain One Love (Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) Lion's Blend

Kingston City Roast Decaf Mountain Roast                                                   
         Kingston City Roast Mountain Roast Decaf