Liquid Coffee

Liquid Coffee
(Coffee On Demand)

 Liquid concentrate coffee is a cost effective alternative to traditional brewing.  This can work well in banquet halls, hotels, restaurants and high volume self-serve areas.  It doesn’t need a lot of space and requires very little maintenance.  If you can press a button or pull a lever, you are able to dispense one cup or pot of coffee at a time.  With this brewing system, you are able to dispense hot coffee or ambient coffee for iced coffee.


  • Reduces waste and requires less clean-up time than traditional brewing systems. 
  • Delivers a consistent tasting cup of coffee.
  • A shelf-stable product.
  • No need to store in a freezer.
  • No need to thaw out in a refrigerator.
  • Requires very little space.
  • Can brew by-the-cup or by-the-pot.
  • Available on demand 24/7.
  • Can operate on 20 or 30 amp electrical sevices.
  • Attractively designed epuipment.



  • Can not match the taste profile of batch brewed coffees.
  • Can not match the aroma of freshly brewed coffees.
  • You have a limited selection of coffees to choose from.
  • Requires cleaning when you replace each bag-in-box of coffee concentrate.
  • Uses specialized equipment designed for liquid concentrate coffee.
  • The liquid coffee concentrate has a dated shelf-life.


Let Good As Gold Coffee help you to determine if liquid coffee is right for you!