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We at Good As Gold Coffee feel that it is essential for you to have an understanding of the business associations which makes it possible for you to create and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, tea or indulgent beverage from a Flavia brewing system.

Mars Connection

The Parent Company – Mars Drinks 

Mars Drinks is part of the Mars family of brands consisting of M&M’s, Snickers, Juicy Fruit and Dove just to name a few.  Mars Drinks supports the belief that the office brewing station is no longer just a coffee maker but a place to take a break, collaborate, exchange ideas and connect. 

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 The Brewing System - Flavia 

Flavia brewers were designed to make your life easy.  With their patented “Fresh Release Process Technology”, they provide exceptional tasting drinks with unsurpassed performance, convenience, reliability and efficiency.  Because the brewing occurs within the fresh pack and drips directly into your cup, there is no cross-over contamination between drinks.  You always get a clean-tasting, high-quality beverage.       

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The Coffees – Alterra Coffee Roasters 

Alterra Coffee Roasters is a Milwaukee based specialty coffee roaster.  They partnered with Mars Drinks to provide their “hard working coffees” reputation for excellence to the office environment. To satisfy everyone’s taste in the work-place, Alterra divides their single origin coffees, blends, and specialty roasts into four roast and taste combinations: light and smooth, medium and balanced, medium and bright, dark and intense, as well as decaffeinated and flavored.

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Bright Tea Company

The Teas – The Bright Tea Company 

The Bright Tea Company’s mantra is “Love The Leaf” because the folks at Mars Drinks are passionate about their tea.  The Bright Tea Company recruited Steven Smith, the founder of Stash and Tazo Tea to craft the teas for optimum flavor and fragrance for use in the Flavia brewers. To satisfy the discriminating tea drinkers in the office, Bright Tea Company offers four varieties of tea; black, green, herbal infusions and flavored. 

(Click here to download bright tea offerings & descriptions)

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The Service – Good As Gold Coffee 

Good As Gold Coffee is the service which provides the Flavia Brewers, Alterra Coffee and the Bright Teas to your place of business.  A family business with over 40 years of experience, Good As Gold Coffee takes pride in providing its customers with the best in office refreshment.


Sustainability and Recycling 

Rainforest Alliance 

Most Alterra and Bright Teas bear the seal of the Rainforest Alliance.  The Rainforest Alliance is a non-profit Organization which works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.

Watch the below video to learn about Rainforest Alliance and how you the consumer are making responsible choices by choosing Rainforest Alliance products.  

Small Actions = Big Changes from Rainforest Alliance on Vimeo.


TerraCycle is a privately held business that specializes in making consumer products from pre- and post-consumer materials. It is often called upcycling or reusing waste materials.  Mars Drinks in conjunction with terraCycle repurposes pre- and post-waste  Alterra and Bright Tea packaging into products such as messenger bags, binders, notebooks, and tote bags. Watch the video below to learn about Terracyle.


Download Mars Drinks Sustainability Brochure and learn about the difference you make by choosing Mars Drinks. Click HERE to learn!

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Alterra Coffee Roasters Product Selection

Alterra Morning Roast

Alterra House

Alterra Costa Rica
House Blend Decaf
  Alterra Morning Roast   Alterra House Blend   Alterra Costa Rica   Alterra Decaf House
 Alterra Colombia  Foundry Blend  Alterra French Roast  Alterra Espresso Roast
 Alterra Colombian  Alterra Foundry Blend   Alterra French Roast   Alterra Espresso Roast
 Sumatra  Barista Blend  Decaf French Roast  
Alterra Kenya
  Alterra Sumatra Dark   Alterra Barista Blend  Alterra French Roast   Alterra Kenya
 Alterra Kenya  Flavia Hazelnut  French Vanilla  Pumpkin Spice
  Alterra Ethiopia  Alterra Hazelnut  Alterra French Vanilla  Alterra Pumpkin Spice
 Alterra Gingerbread      
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 Indulgent Creations

Latte Swirl Dove  Milky Way Swirl
 Cappuccino Latte Swirl  Dove Hot Chocolate   Milky Way Latte
 FLAVIA is the only single-cup brewing system that can make authentic cappuccinos and lattes just by combining FLAVIA cappuccino/latte swirl with any coffee or tea.  Silky smooth delicious hot chocolate made with the finest ingredients, including real chocolate liquor. Indulge yourself in an unforgettable chocolaty DOVE® experience.  This delicious and creamy caramel taste sensation is a real delight. For a rich FLAVIA MilkyWay® Latte, make MilkyWay® swirl then the coffee of your choice.

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 Bright Tea Company

 Bright Tea English Breakfast  Bright Tea Earl Grey Bright Tea Select Green 
 Bright Tea English Breakfast  Bright Tea Earl Grey  Bright Tea Select Green
 Green Tea w jasmine  Chai Spice  White with orange
  Green Tea with Jasmine Bright Tea Chai Spice  Bright Tea White with Orange
 Peppermint  Raspberry Herbal  Lemon Herbal
 Bright Tea Peppermint Herbal  Bright Tea Raspberry Herbal  Bright Tea Lemon Herbal
   (Click here to download bright tea offerings & descriptions)

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Flavia Equipment


C400 C200 Brewer C150
Flavia C400 Brewer Flavia C200 Brewer Flavia C150 Brewer
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S350 SB100
 Flavia S350 Brewer            Flavia SB100 Brewer                                                   
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