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Espresso for your Home or Home Office

 Good As Gold Coffee offers a few ways to enjoy espresso in your home or home office.

Lavazza Espresso

Lavazza EspressoAt the touch of a button, you can make an authentic Italian espresso with a luxurious golden crema on top. With the Lavazza Espresso Point, there’s no grinding, measuring, tamping or mess. No waterline hook-up is necessary. The brewer comes with a built-in, easy to refill tank so that you can place the brewer wherever you have a standard electrical outlet. All you do is insert a pre-measured cartridge into the Lavazza Matine Espresso Machine and press one of the system’s three pre-programmed volumetric or manual buttons. A built-in steaming wand allows you to froth milk for cappuccinos or lattes. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have in your office an extraordinary Lavazza Espresso experience.

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Flavia Espresso

Flavia C150The Flavia Creation 150 brewer has the ability to make two-part drinks. You can make an espresso style coffee (without crema) or combine the espresso with a cappuccino/latte swirl pack or Dove Hot Chocolate pack to make a cappuccino, latte or mochaccino. But it doesn’t end there! You can use any of their coffees and combine it to make great tasting drinks. For example, a seasonal “Pumpkin Spice Latte” is the combination of Pumpkin Spice Coffee made espresso style combined with the cappuccino/latte swirl pack. Let your palate lead the way. Create and enjoy!

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Sun Canna

 Good As Gold Coffee enjoys finding creative ways to multi-task coffee brewers.  One such brewer is the SunCana  Pod Brewer.  After much testing and tweaking, we were able to make a proper espresso with good crema, body and flavor. The SunCana Brewer, paired with our Good As Gold Coffee Pods, offers you an exceptional value.

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