Single Cup Brewing

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Single Cup Brewing 

The idea of brewing coffee one cup at a time is not a new concept to Good As Gold Coffee.  Back in the 70’s, Good As Gold Coffee distributed Melitta and Chemex single cup brewing systems at our retail store; Old World Coffees & Teas. Who ever thought that the idea of boiling water, pouring it over a filter filled with coffee grounds, would some day lead to a new generation of technologically advanced single cup brewers?  Let Good As Gold Coffee help you satisfy your passion for brewing a great cup of coffee one cup at a time.


Single Serve Pods

Good As Gold Coffee’s coffee pods are gaining popularity because it makes an excellent cup of coffee at a substantial savings over proprietary brewing systems such as the keurig and Tassimo systems. It allows us to pack our own delicious coffees as well as distribute unique coffees from other coffee companies such as Marley Coffee. We offer a choice of pod brewers and a growing selection of pods which will satisfy the most discriminating coffee drinker. We even have pod brewers that can make a near-espresso coffee with an authentic crema on top.

Why Are Good As Gold Pods So Popular?

  1. Our pods make a really good cup of coffee.
  2. Our pods are Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and compostable.
  3. The pod brewers are reliable and user-friendly.
  4. Our pod brewers are functional and smart looking.
  5. Our pods are packed in stay-fresh pouches for a consistent brew.

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Flavia Single Serve 

Good As Gold Coffee is an authorized distributor of Flavia single-serve brewing systems which are designed to dispense Alterrra Coffees, Bright Teas, Dove Hot Chocolate, and cappuccinos and mochaccinos by-the-cup. What separates Flavia from every other single cup brewer is its patented technology that brews through its own fresh pack directly into your cup without any cross-contamination.  Although it was intended for use in an office environment, the Flavia brewing system would compliment any home or home office.


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Single Serve For Keurig

 Keurig is the most popular single-cup brewer in the residential market today.  In September of 2012, the patent for Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s K-cup design expired. This allowed other coffee companies to bring their own coffee to the marketplace and make coffee for the Keurig brewer more affordable. For your enjoyment, Good As Gold Coffee distributes Marley and Martinson RealCup portion packs.  These freshly roasted and packed coffees are high-quality, cost-effective alternatives to K-cups and are designed to work well in your Keurig brewer. Chances are that these alternative coffees may become your favorite coffees!


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