Adagio English Breakfast Tea - 100ct
Adagio English Breakfast Tea - 100ct
The original, classic cup of English Breakfast was made with black Keemun tea from Anhui province in China. Across many generations, plenty of different interpretations have been made. Our English Breakfast stays close to the classic. Made from fine quality Keemun, prized for its rich, slightly smoky flavor and perfectly 'on point' astringency. Balanced, very honeyed aroma. May be enjoyed plain or with a drop of milk. English Breakfast remains one of Adagio's most popular varieties. Each box contains 100 individually wrapped tea bags.
Cafe Essentials - Caramel
Cafe Essentials - Caramel "Salted Caramel"
Sorry, but we have to say it...this is the only Caramel in the market that tastes like a rich caramel chew instead of artificial flavor.

A nice strong caramel melts into a rich dairy profile creating a dual taste sensation that sets our Caramel apart. Savor the ultimate experience. Serve hot, blended or over ice. Make with milk, yogurt lovers or vanilla cream for an ultra rich caramel ice cream. Serve blended or hot.
SunCana H701A Pod Brewer Black
SunCana H701A Pod Brewer Black
• Makes excellent coffee; Convenience without sacrificing the quality of the coffee: \r
• Patented Brewing System with 3 bar pressurized pump which enhances the coffee Extraction.\r
• 5 programmable Strength options allowing you to choose the right strength for your cup of coffee.\r
• Stylish LCD Display For Quick And Easy-to-use.\r
• Perfect brewing temperature 197F (92C) from a stainless steel boiler. The temperature is also adjustable.\r
• Instant Heat 14oz stainless steel Boiler for Fast Recovery For Next Cup- less than 40 seconds.\r
• Patented Stainless Steel Pod Drawer works with a Wide Variety of Pods , allowing you to choose your favorite coffee pods from 9g to 12g and tea pods. \r
Included with your purchase of the Suncana Brewer is 20 Good As Gold Freshly Roasted Colombian Pods