Laqtia Milk And Cocoa Powders

Laqtia Milk Powder For Your Bean-To-Cup Coffee Brewers

By Mike G 02/26/2023

If you're a coffee service providing bean-to-cup coffee makers to offices, you know that your customers depend on a freshly ground and brewed cup of coffee which is essential to keeping them happy. However, making that perfect cup of coffee can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you use milk powder and cocoa powders that causes clogs in the machines.

But fear not, because Laqtia milk powders are here to help you provide a better office coffee experience to your clients! Unlike other milk powders on the market, Laqtia milk powders have been specifically formulated to work perfectly with bean-to-cup coffee brewers, without causing any clogs. This means that your clients can enjoy their favorite coffee drinks without any fear of machine downtime or a messy clog the spills over on to their counters.

What makes Laqtia milk powders different? Well, for starters, it's made from 100% pure milk sourced from European Dairy. This means that there are no hormones in the cows, no additives, and no added sugars, ensuring a high-quality product that tastes delicious. European Dairy is known for being stricter on what the cows eat and the feed they receive, which translates into a superior taste and texture in the final product.

But that's not all that sets Laqtia milk powders apart. The product is specially granulated so that it flows smoothly and easily into the mixing bowl of the coffee machine, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your team and clients. No more clumps or clogs that can make a mess and cause a service call.

And once it's in the mixing bowl, Laqtia milk powders dissolve easily, creating a smooth and creamy texture that's perfect for coffee drinks. This means that your clients can enjoy their favorite coffee drinks without any lumps or gritty texture that can be off-putting. 

Good as Gold Coffee is a leading provider of office coffee services in Worcester, Boston, and Springfield Massachusetts. We believe in using Laqtia powders for all of our bean2cup coffee brewers. As the National Importer of this premium product, we also offer re-distributor and wholesale pricing to other coffee services looking to provide their customers with the best possible coffee experience. Upgrade your office coffee service today with Good as Gold Coffee and experience the difference that Laqtia milk powders can make!


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