The Good as Gold Story

Hello - Dan the coffee man here! 

For over 50 years, Good As Gold Coffee has embraced and celebrated the diversity of coffee, people and community. Looking back at our history, our premise of offering “Coffee without Ego” derives from our love for coffee and the need to make it accessible rather than keep it exclusive to a select few. 

dan the coffee man


And now we jump back to the beginning.. a longggg time ago. The year was 1969 - This was a time when percolators and canned coffee were the thing, until a father and two sons (me being one of them) introduced commercial drip coffee-makers and pre-measured packs to the workplace. 


old world coffees and teas


1973- I took a six month trip throughout the Middle East and Europe, which opened my eyes to the many ways of enjoying this great beverage. This trip put into perspective the global culture and community surrounding coffee. After my return, we opened our first retail location called “Old World Coffees & Teas”. The goal was to educate people on coffee and tea origins and  introduce them to unique (never before seen) brewing methods such as pour-over methods like Melitta and Chemex, to Bialleti’s stove-top espresso, french presses, and SEB Moka pressure espresso machines and more. 

In the 70’s our office coffee service flourished, and while my brother left to pursue his love for the cafe business, my father and I continued to expand upon the restaurant-hospitality sector and introduced “by-the-pot” grinders and whole bean coffee programs.   

old world coffees

1983 - Good As Gold moved to 115 Green Street in Worcester, MA, our current home. Although we enjoyed our specialty coffee stores, we decided to focus on our growing coffee service business and expand our product lines. With the knowledge gained from our cafe experience, we were able to better assist our customers in identifying the products and services needed to help their businesses thrive. 

good as gold spags olde schoolhouse


The 80’s was an eventful time for Good As Gold. Our business was growing and we developed a wonderful relationship with the Borgatti’s who owned Spag’s in Shrewsbury, MA. We proudly displayed our coffees on those shelves, opened a café outside their “Old Schoolhouse Building”, and had our first hand in private labeling with their “Spagtacular Blend”. 

Sadly, it was 1988 when my father Sidney passed, and it would be another two decades before a new generation of Goldman’s entered.

syd goldman


The 90’s - With the rising popularity of single-cup coffee makers in the office emerged our  now decade-long relationship with Flavia Brewing systems and Lavazza. It was during this time that our president (both at the office and at home) Pat Goldman joined the team! 

The 2000’s have been an exciting time for Good as Gold.  An enlightened generation of coffee drinkers entered the workforce and with both of my sons Michael and Jay on board, we’ve expanded into new ventures and a new era for Good as Gold Coffee Roasters. 

good as gold coffee roasters


 2015  - Although Good As Gold has had an excellent reputation for quality and service, we felt, it was time to separate ourselves from the many Roasters in the United States. It was at this point when we commissioned our new  custom fabricated Air-Roaster, engineered and built with advanced technology to ensure the most consistent roasts. This is our key to offering coffees that convey taste beyond compare! 

good as gold family


At the heart of it all, Good as Gold is about family. There is a lot of love and passion that is carried throughout everything that we do. It is our staff, customers, and our community that have allowed us to follow our passion for the past 50 years, we’re thankful for you, and look forward to many more years of good relations.