While our coffee is consumed locally, the beans are grown globally in some on the most remote places on earth. The untold heroes of coffee truly are the farmers that grow the coffee beans that you grind, brew and enjoy every day.

Good As Gold is committed to sustainably source these coffees. We are a Fair Trade certified Coffee Roaster. Thanks to our customers’ desire to support fair prices for the farmers, these coffee purchases have grown every year.

While 99% of all coffee is roasted in a drum roaster, we’re part of the 1% that takes a different approach, we air-roast. Taking things one step further, we custom built our own fluid bed air roaster utilizing the most accurate and advanced industrial control software and hardware. We are able to create cleaner, more vibrant flavors for your cup and open up a world of endless coffee possibilities.

After 50 years in business, we have built direct relationships with growers, importers, and producers that frequently send samples of the current crops for us to review. We demand high quality, and our green coffee suppliers know to only send us coffees that will live up to our strict guidelines. The coffees that you will find at Good As Gold are from farms and producers that create consistent flavor profiles year after year.

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In air-roasting, heat is evenly transferred from the air to the beans by means of convection. Strong jets of hot air are injected into the cabin throughout a cycle creating a fluid bed of beans.

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Due to the absence of a heating drum, there is no scorching, burning, or igniting of the coffee bean. The air also separates and ejects any dirt, or impurities that could result from the roasting process such as the chaff (outer bean parchment) preventing it from igniting and burning onto the bean which ultimately would affect the flavor.

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We took this process that was developed in the 1980’s by Michael Sivetz a step further. Working with Dan Fitzsimmons of Chinook Coffee Roasting Systems in Australia, we custom built our own fluid bed air roaster utilizing the most accurate and advanced industrial control software and hardware. This allows us to consistently produce unbelievably flavorful roasts, batch after batch.

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Good as Gold Coffee Roasters provides true coffee innovation for your business: custom air roasting. We offer you a world of endless coffee possibilities to create your own signature brew. Using our sample air roaster, we’re able to develop your desired roast profile. Thanks to the precision in our air roasting technology, we can then scale-up and replicate your recipe in our production roaster and offer remarkable consistency batch after batch.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, have a cafe, or business, you now have the power to customize your roast and get coffee that truly represents your vision.

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At Good as Gold Coffee we’ve curated a selection of origin coffees that satisfies all palettes; we love working with our clients in bringing to life their ideas with coffee! We are able to cater to your special events, whether you’re looking for a corporate gift or a wedding favor, these completely customizable coffee bags are the perfect gift.

Personalize them with a company logo, or add your personal touch with your favorite picture and private message. Whatever needs to be said, the aroma and taste of freshly roasted coffee will certainly deliver a memorable message to all your guests!

Our capabilities as a wholesale coffee production facility include roasting to order, private label toll roasting, and custom blending. We can package bulk coffee packs or 12oz private label bags for your market. Our unique Air Roasting process allows us to offer our wholesale coffee services with as small as a 30lb minimum order. Our custom built air roaster is completely computer guided allowing for extreme precision and consistency batch after batch. One of the most important things in business is consistency and our roasting process will give you the comfort and assurance of delicious coffee batch after batch!

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In 2016 we started Airis Coffee as a passion project that allows us to introduce and put a spotlight on uncommon origins, growers, farmers and coffees that exhibit very unique characteristics. On our Airis website you can choose amongst a variety of microlot coffees, a desired roast level, and have your batch roasted to order and shipped out the same day. You’re guaranteed to receive freshly roasted coffee beans within days!

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