Coffee for your cafe & restaurant

your identity in coffee.

Your customers come to your restaurant, cafe, donut shop, bagel place, or pop-up because of your story. Whether you’re in the early stages of a project or are looking to elevate an existing experience, we’re committed to providing a plan where our roasted coffees, equipment, and support products become part of that story. Our air roasting process allows us to customize and roast-to-order signature coffees and blends. We give you the ability to create a private label brand, or to proudly display the Good As Gold name - a trusted name of over 50 years. We’ll invite you to visit our cupping and tasting rooms to make something truly unique. You’ll be guided through a selection process and together, we’ll create criteria for a program that complements your business. This is very important because it needs to not only reflect your brand but also be at a desired price point. We understand.


We’re one of the few specialty coffee roasters that provides brewing equipment. We work with top of the line coffee brewing manufacturers like Curtis, Bunn, Bloomfield and Grindmaster to bring the right brewing solutions for your business. We understand the value of coffee in your business and the importance of consistency. That is why our very own in-house service team is there to fix, repair, and give maintenance when needed. Our team and support are only a call away. You can count on Good as Gold to keep up with your brewing needs. As your business evolves and your brewing necessities change, we will adapt your program and equipment at no additional cost.

the other elements.

Because we believe in a well rounded beverage program, we’ve built strong relationships with other complimentary brands over the years. Good As Gold is an authorized distributor of Dr. Smoothie, Cafe Essentials, Mighty Leaf Teas, and Davinci Syrups & Sauces amongst others. Our proposal is a one-stop shop solution for all of your specialty needs. From Coffees, Teas, Cocoas, Smoothies, Flavorings, to Nitro Coffee and Iced Tea, we’ve got you covered.

Office Coffee Service Pods & Nitro Coffee

find the right equipment + coffee.

Deciding what equipment you need can be a daunting task. Good As Gold has over 50 years experience and have worked with well over 1000+ restaurants and cafes over the years. We understand the type of equipment necessary for all types of businesses and scenarios. Part of our service is providing your business with solutions in order to find the right type of equipment for your brewing needs. As your business changes and grows we can adapt with you and upgrade your equipment to meet your new volume requirements.