What’s the difference between Flash brew, Cold brew and Iced coffee?

What’s the difference between Flash brew, Cold brew and Iced coffee?

By Michael Goldman 03/09/2021

Before we discuss the differences, I think it is important to understand the commonality of these refreshing cold coffee options. First and foremost, they all have the exact same components; coffee and water. Second, they are served cold and over ice. Third, you can enjoy it black or with sweeteners and or your milk preference. So it’s the method of brewing which determines the distinctive characteristics produced. We are all familiar with traditional iced coffee, but to be fair, if not brewed properly, your experience may have left you disappointed. Even today, some food establishments use old coffee or even liquid coffee concentrate with chemical stabilizers to make iced coffee. You can achieve a tasty beverage by using a greater amount of freshly roasted ground coffee that is drip brewed, cooled and served over ice.

For flash brewed coffee, unlike traditional iced coffee, instead of increasing the amount of coffee, you decrease the amount of water you use to brew with and have it brew directly into your vessel filled with ice. This method creates a flavorful brew that can be served immediately and is ideal for preparing your coffee on demand.

Last but not least is cold brew coffee. This coffee is prepared by soaking coarsely ground coffee at room temperature water for 12-24 hours. If successful, you can achieve a smooth less acidic highly caffeinated brew. However, to get any flavor from your cold brew coffee, you must use a lot of coffee. Remember, the best brews are made with Freshly Roasted Good As Gold Coffee!

Brewing Suggestions

(Using drip/pour-over method for traditional and Flash Brew)

For Traditional Iced Coffee

For a 64 oz. pot use between 70 – 85 grams/2.5 – 3 ounces of fine grind coffee (auto-drip maker)

For a 32 oz. pour-over use 60 grams/2 ounces of medium/coarse grind coffee (for Chemex). Use fine grind coffee (for Melitta)

When brewing under 32 ounces, use approximately 15 grams of coffee per 8 ounces of water.

For Flash Brewed Coffee

Fill the receiving pot with ice. Use the same amount of coffee as the traditional ice coffees.

Use approximately half the amount of water to brew your coffee.

For Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

To make 1 gallon of cold brew use 454 grams/1 pound of coffee. A 1:1 ratio. Use a very coarse grind.

To make a small batch you may try a 1:4 ratio of coffee to water. Then dilute 1:1 to taste/ over ice.


Steep from 12 to 24 hours at room temperature. Then keep refrigerated. Remember, if you steep too long, it will get bitter.

 We recommend you experiment with the coffee selection, steep time, and coffee to water ratios to satisfy your personal taste. Enjoy!