Bottle-less water coolers

We’re able to supply prestine water quality for your office by pairing top of the line Everpure water filtration systems with contemporary water coolers. Everpure filters have the power to keep your water tasting great, while removing unwanted particles, off-tastes, odors, and even potential health hazards that may be in your drinking water.

the liquid part of coffee.

We’re in the business of helping you create the ultimate brew. Although coffee certainly is the all-star ingredient, we know it’s not the only one. An even larger percent of what goes into your cup is water. That’s why consulting on water systems is part of our coffee service culture!

drink Lavit.

The Lavit water cooler will enhance your break-room from the traditional counter-top water cooler. It’s a carbonated drinking water system and a sustainable solution for healthy drinks in your break room. Everyone will love the variety of beverages as well as the ability to get filtered still or sparkling water. The Lavit water cooler is also equipped with antimicrobial materials and automatic ozonation the automatically cycles before the start of each day. This is like starting every day with a brand new water cooler.