A perfectly brewed pot of freshly roasted coffee is one of the most enjoyable and affordable office perks. Let Good As Gold be your guide to brewing coffee in the office.

Traditional Brewing Systems

consistency pot after pot

Pre-measured coffee packets allow you to brew a perfect pot of coffee every single time. Immediately after roasting, we grind and package our coffees fresh into individual coffee packets. The oxygen is removed to ensure lasting freshness.

1.75oz / 2oz / 2.25oz / 2.5oz / 3oz

grind for your pot fresh.

While pre-measured coffees have been a go-to brewing method in the office, we also offer whole bean coffee programs allowing your office to grind and brew your coffee fresh. Enjoy freshly roasted whole bean coffees delivered to your office just after roasting. All you have to do is grind using our portion controlled grinders, brew, and serve up an incredible pot of coffee. It's that easy! We offer a large variety of choices so that you can find your perfect brew.

take it while it’s hot, not burnt.

We do have glass pot brewers, but our thermal carafe options ensure that you never have to worry about a burnt pot of coffee again or someone leaving the burners on. Thermal carafes allow you to keep coffee hot for hours and still have it taste like it was just brewed 2 minutes ago.