Flavia Specialty - Flavia Matcha Tea Latte

Flavia Specialty - Flavia Matcha Tea Latte


At less than 80 calories per drink, Bright Tea Co. Matcha Latte doesn't have to be saved for just the afternoon. Enjoy the calming fresh green tea flavor of Matcha any time of the day. Velvety, light green tea had a smooth finish that is sure to please. Each Freshpack contains the exact amount to brew a perfect single cup of tea. 

1 Rail (18 Servings) 4 Rails (72 Servings)

Compatible with:

  • FLAVIA Creation 600
  • FLAVIA Barista
  • FLAVIA Creation 500
  • FLAVIA Creation 200
  • FLAVIA Creation 150

*Not compatible with Keurig machines