Laqtia - Skim Milk Powder

Laqtia - Skim Milk Powder


This non-fat dried milk powder is made from 100% European Dairy; where old world traditions of quality produce unmatched taste and texture. For those looking to provide cafe quality beverages from their bean-to-cup coffee makers, single serve coffee makers, espresso makers and vending machines. Specially Formulated not to clog.

Makes approximately 20-25 milk based beverages in your coffee maker


European dairy products are more than dairy products; their safety, authenticity and quality have earned them respect all over the world. The European Union has implemented some of the most stringent safety regulations for processing milk. Since 1991 the EU has banned bST and rBGH, two human made growth hormones that are still used in the United States to greatly increase the milk production in cows. There are concerns that these added hormones can cause negative health affects in the both cows and humans.