3 ways to elevate your office coffee station

3 ways to elevate your office coffee station

By Amy Taintor 07/20/2022

Collaboration, commitment and…coffee. The 3 C’s of a successful office workplace. That’s right - we place coffee right up there with the top qualities of a productive and enjoyable environment. 

With 64% of Americans drinking coffee every day 1, employers should heavily consider their coffee offerings as a key employee-retention strategy. 

In recent years, office coffee has become an even more essential aspect of our physical offices, as the decision to work remotely can weigh heavily on employees across a variety of industries. One thing is for sure - office coffee is mandatory if and when employees are expected to be in the office. 

For this reason, office coffee services continue to enhance the office experience. Elevating offerings from standard coffee machines to bean2cup and placing an emphasis on traditionally overlooked ingredients from milk, milk powder, cocoa, syrups and more, are the key to providing a coffee experience that exceeds employee and executive expectations. 

So, how can you wow the executives and employees in your offices? 

Bean2Cup Machines: This specialty equipment offers more. From fresh roasted American coffee to traditional espresso and espresso-based drinks, Bean2Cup is a surefire way to elevate any coffee experience. Along with amazing coffee, Bean2Cup brewers utilize specialty milk powders and cocoa powders for unmatched quality beverages.

Overlooked Ingredients: Don’t overlook the power of variety. Creamers, sugars, chais, mochas, teas and coffee flavorings go a long way in making an employee happy and satisfied. 

Clean Ingredients: Offer a variety and boast about your clean-label products such as milk powder. Powdered milk is not new, in fact, many offices utilize powdered milk because of its operational efficiency. Currently, there's a lack of clean-label milk and cocoa powders in the workplace. That's because chemicals and stabilizers are often used to prevent clogging in the machine and lower costs. However, Laqtia milk powders provide the best of both worlds - a one ingredient product that utilizes a special manufacturing process that prevents clogging. A truly clean-label milk powder for coffee machines won’t just be easy for support staff, it’ll taste like a true cafe beverage. Laqtia is 100% European dairy with no preservatives or growth hormones, unlike much of the dairy from the U.S.  

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely considering a change in your office coffee setup. That’s great! The world of office coffee can and should excite you. After all, why would you offer something you’re not proud of? 

Let us help you elevate your office coffee experience through servicing Bean2Cup machines, overlooked ingredients and Laqtia milk powders and cocoas today!



1 https://www.ncausa.org/newsroom/nca-releases-atlas-of-american-coffee