Introducing Burundi Mugano ... Our Latest Good As Gold Coffee

Introducing Burundi Mugano ... Our Latest Good As Gold Coffee

By Michael Goldman 03/09/2021
Burundi Mugano coffee beans

We are excited to introduce this coffee to the Good As Gold coffee line-up. One, it's a very flavorful coffee with hints of tangerine, figs, and a bright acidity that finishes with a silk body, but there is also a local collection. Just like our Burundi Kinyovu, this coffee comes from JNP coffee importers of Shrewsbury MA. Usually, we would select this coffee for our Airis Coffee brand but we are hoping that we will have this offering year in and year out because we feel it is that good. 

This Burundi Mugano comes from the very high elevation Mahonda washing station. A group of about 40 farmers from this area produced this lot. They utilize many of the industries best practices, thanks to the support that their award premium payments provide. This is one of the last washing stations to open in the area, because at this elevation, while flowering happens at the same time as other trees in the region, the cherries take longer to mature. That extra time generates more complex sugars, bringing a natural sweetness to this coffee. 


Cupping Profile: Tangerine, figs, bright acidity, smooth body

Roast Level: Light