Flavia STARBUCKS® -  Veranda Blend® - Light Roast

Flavia STARBUCKS® - Veranda Blend® - Light Roast


Crafted to evoke the lightly roasted coffees sipped on the verandas of family coffee farms in Latin America, the Starbucks Veranda is a mellow and flavorful blend that offers a lighter taste profile that appeals to many coffee lovers. Enjoy this subtle blonde coffee, which features lightly toasted nuts and slight sweetness, in your office today!

1 Rail (20 servings) 4 Rails (80 servings)
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Compatible with:

  • FLAVIA Creation 600
  • FLAVIA Barista
  • FLAVIA Creation 500
  • FLAVIA Creation 200
  • FLAVIA Creation 150

*Not compatible with Keurig machines