FTO Guatemala Codech
FTO Guatemala Codech
FTO Guatemala Codech
FTO Guatemala Codech
FTO Guatemala Codech

FTO Guatemala Codech

Vanilla, banana, raspberry, bright acidity


Cupping Profile: Vanilla, banana, blueberry, raspberry, bright citric acidity, medium body

Roast Level: Medium Roast

12oz 1 kilo 5lb
Whole Bean Or Ground:
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Producer Profile:

This Guatemalan Coffee is grown in the famed Huehuetenango region. CODECH unites four base cooperatives to promote access to education and healthcare as well as local socio-economic development, the Coordinadora de Organizacionesde Desarrollo de Concepcion Huista (CODECH) produces some of the finest Fair Trade and Organic Guatemalan coffee. CODECH has members who represent the Popti, Mam and Q’anjob’al branches of the Mayan family.

CODECH uses its certification premiums to fund an organic soil program and a health program and to advance gender-neutral education. Recently, a group of women within the co-op formed a women’s group to address gender inequality in their communities. Their most cherished goal is to earn enough money to fund their children’s education— both boys and girls alike.

Grind your coffee as close to brewing as possible. Match the grind of coffee to your brewing method. We recommend using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for 6 ounces of water. Adjust the amount of water or coffee to achieve your desired strength.