Organic Peru Dark Roast (Dark Roast)

Organic Peru Dark Roast (Dark Roast)

Bold, Balanced, medium body, Sweet Finish


Our Organic Peru truly shines as a dark roast coffee. This coffee is bold and balanced but you can still detect a pleasant sweetness making this coffee a very pleasing every day dark roast coffee. This Peru coffee is high grown and chemical free.

12oz 5lb
Whole Bean or Ground:
Whole Bean Drip Grind (Coffee Brewer / Pourover) Fine Grind (For Keurig Holster) Espresso / Turkish Grind Course Grind (French Press / Cold Brew)

Grind your coffee as close to brewing as possible. Match the grind of coffee to your brewing method. We recommend using 2 tablespoons of ground coffee for 6 ounces of water. Adjust the amount of water or coffee to achieve your desired strength.